Using Projected Curve to Create a 3d Curve

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Using Projected Curve to Create a 3D Curve 
There are several ways to create a 3D curve. A neat technique is to create two sketches on intersecting planes and merge the sketches to create one 3D sketch. The 3D curve can then be used to create solid model features. For example, you can use the curve as the path or guide curve for a sweep feature, as the guide curve for a loft feature, or as a parting line for a draft feature. To demonstrate what I am talking about, create the sketch shown below on the Front plane.


Sketch on Front plane for Projected Curve


Next, create the following sketch on the Right plane. Make sure that the origin is at the midpoint of the bottom vertical line.


Sketch on Right plane for Projected Curve


Now, the sketches can be merged together. To do this, Ctrl select both sketches and pull down the “Insert” menu and pick Curve-Projected… Click the green check mark button at the top of the Curve PropertyManager.


3D curve using Projected Curve


Now, you can use the 3D curve to create your solid model feature. Below, I used the Sweep command to sweep a 5mm circle along the 3D path. The above sketches were used only to demonstrate what the Projected Curve command can do. Feel free to be creative and play around with the sketches and create all kinds of useful 3D curve paths.



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