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Engrave Text On a Curved Object - SolidWorks Tutorial

In a just a few steps, you can easily create any text and engrave or emboss on a curved surface. To begin, create your curved surface. I just created a simple cylinder by sketching a circle on the top plane as shown.

cylinder extrude

Next, create the text you are going to use to wrap. To do this, pick the Right plane in the FeatureManager design tree. Then, pick the Text button on the Sketch tab in the CommandManager, or pull down the “Tools” menu and pick Sketch Entities – Text.

Tools - Sketch Entities - Text

In the Sketch Text PropertyManager, click in the Text box and type your desired text, ‘AboutSolidWorks.com’. Then uncheck Use document font and click the Font… button. Choose your desired font and font height. I used Century Gothic and 36 Points. Click OK to return to the Sketch Text PropertyManager.

Sketch Text PropertyManager

To better locate your text on the part, press Ctrl+8 to rotate the model Normal To the sketch. Move the text location by clicking the cursor. The cursor location is the bottom left corner of the text.

AboutSolidWorks.com text location

Click OK in the Sketch Text PropertyManager. If you need the text position more precise, you can add construction geometry and dimensions to place the text. For this tutorial I just used an estimated position. Exit the Sketch.

Now, pick your new sketch in the FeatureManager design tree. Then, click the Wrap button on the Features tab in the CommandManager, or pull down the “Insert” menu and pick Features – Wrap.

Insert - Features - Wrap

To create a wrap feature: Select the sketch you want to wrap from the FeatureManager design tree.

In the Wrap PropertyManager, I picked Deboss to cut into the part. You can also pick Emboss to create a raised feature on the face or Scribe to create an imprint of the sketch contours on the face.

Click in the Face for Wrap Sketch box. Then, in the graphics area, pick the cylindrical face.

I just kept the default Thickness. Since you want to cut the sketch normal to the cylindrical face, leave Pull Direction blank, and click OK in the Wrap PropertyManager.

Wrap PropertyManager

Rotate the part around and see the debossed sketch. Play around a little so that you can get the results that you are after. This is a great feature for using with text. You can also use it for any sketch with closed contours. For full detail on the Wrap command, see the Help file.

Here's another example using the Emboss option in the Wrap PropertyManager.


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