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Quick Tip: Drag and Drop a Construction Plane Shortcut to Quickly Create a New Plane

Holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on one of the standard planes is a great shortcut to open the Plane PropertyManager. The most common use of this shortcut is to quickly create a plane parallel to an existing planeClick here to find out how to do this and how to use this shortcut with an existing face or other entities.

Helical Threads Helical Threads
One feature on a plastic bottle is the helical thread on the neck of the bottle. I will show you how to use the Variable Pitch option of the Helix command and the Face Delete command to create the neck of the bottle.
Automatically Fill in Your Title Block Automatically Fill in Your Title Block
Every time that you create a drawing document, you need to fill in the title block, including your name and the date that you created it. However, it gets repetitive if you have to do this every time. SolidWorks provides you the ability to do this automatically whenever you start a new drawing document. See how to automatically fill in the drawn by and created date information.


Combine Bodies
Combine Bodies
You can use the Combine Bodies command to combine multiple solid bodies into a singled-bodied part. In this example, you will create a snowboard.
How to copy settings to use on another computer

Many people work on multiple computers. Others have multiple users on the same computer. How do you move to another computer and load your interface easily? There�s really not a whole lot to it when you use the SolidWorks Copy Settings Wizard. Just a few clicks and you�re done.

How to add a watermark to a drawing
At times, a watermark such as �CONFIDENTIAL� is required on a drawing print. Unfortunately, SolidWorks does not have a watermark feature. There are a few workarounds that are available, though.

Ever Need to Create a Knurl?
Knurled surfaces are very common in engineering design. However truly modeling a knurled solid feature takes up a lot of memory and slows down SolidWorks, especially with multiple knurled parts in your assembly. A couple other ways of dealing with a knurl is to apply a texture to the face or to add a crosshatch pattern in the drawing to make it look like a knurled surface.


Using Projected Curve to Create a 3D Curve 
There are several ways to create a 3D curve. A neat technique is to create two sketches on intersecting planes and merge the sketches to create one 3D sketch. The 3D curve can then be used to create solid model features.


Make sure that you don�t lose anything
Computers are usually very stable these days, at least as compared to years ago. There are a couple of settings in SolidWorks that can make sure that you don�t lose days of work if something major does happen.

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