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Make sure that you donít lose anything
Computers are usually very stable these days, at least as compared to years ago. There are a couple of settings in SolidWorks that can make sure that you donít lose days of work if something major does happen. Pull down the ďToolsĒ menu and pick Options. Under System Options, pick Backup/Recover. Auto-recover is designed to save information about your active documents as you work if the software crashes or the computer turns off unexpectedly. You can set it to save at minute intervals or changes intervals.


You should also check the backup settings, which give you the ability to create copies of the current document when changes are made. All you have to do is input the number of backup copies per document and a backup folder location. Keep the number of backup copies small, like 1 or 2, so that you donít fill up the hard drive with unnecessary files. If you have multiple hard drives or are on a network, I would suggest storing the backups to a different computer. If something happens to the computer that you are working on, you ensure that you do not lose any vital data. The performance of the computer is not affected.


System Options - Backup/Recover


In the case that the software crashes or the computer turns off unexpectedly, when you reopen SolidWorks, a Document Recovery tab appears in the Task Pane showing a list of files available to recover, as shown below.


Document Recovery


Simply double click on the file(s) that you want to recover or click the Open All button to recover all files. Note that the document recovery is only good for recovering information from the last session on an abnormal exit.


Customizing SolidWorks For Greater Productivity
Customizing SolidWorks For Greater Productivity
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