Modify Configurations – SolidWorks Tutorial

The Modify Configurations dialog box in SolidWorks 2008 makes it really easy to create and modify configurations for your parts and assemblies. In a part document file, configuring the dimensions and suppression states of your features and sketches got a lot easier to manage. Similar to a design table, all the parameters that you want to control are all in one place. And not just for one configuration at a time, but for all of your configurations.

Let’s take a closer look at the Modify Configurations dialog box. In a new Part document, create an extruded box with a length of 100, a width 50, and a height of 25, as shown below.

Right click on the 100 dimension and pick Configure dimension. Then, in the graphics area, double click the 50 dimension, and then, double click the 25 dimension. The dimensions should appear in the Modify Configurations dialog box when you double click on them.

The next step is to create the configurations that you want with the dimensions taht you want. It is pretty self-explanatory. In the Modify Configurations dialog box, right click on Default and pick Rename Configuration. Type ‘Medium‘ as the new name and click OK in the Rename configuration dialog box. Next, click in the < Create a new configuration. > cell and type ‘Large‘. Press the Enter key to accept the name.

Click in the < Create a new configuration. > cell and type ‘Small‘ to create a third configuration. Press the Enter key to accept the name. Now, all that’s left is to change the numbers. Note that you can resize the Modify Configurations dialog box by dragging the edges to whatever size that you like.

Once your dimensions are set the way that you want them, click OK. If you are asked to rebuild your model, click Yes. In the Design tree area, click on the ConfigurationManager tab and you will see your new configurations.

Double click the different configurations and watch your part change size. Note that you can change the active configuration while you are in the Modify Configurations dialog box as well.

In an assembly, you can use the Modify Configurations dialog box to configure configurations of components suppression states, and dimensions of assembly features and mates.

That’s it!

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